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Period Poverty Awareness Week

Half of the population menstruates. We all know plenty of people that have a period. But not everyone knows that one in four people struggle to purchase period supplies due to lack of income. This is called period poverty, and chances are we each know someone who has experienced this need -- a neighbor, a coworker, a friend. No student should have to miss school, no adult should have to miss work, and no person should have to miss out on daily life because they are unable to afford the supplies they need. What is Period Poverty Awareness Week?

The Alliance for Period Supplies created Period Poverty Awareness Week to educate on the issue period poverty and the impact period poverty has on menstruators.

How to Get involved:

We encourage everyone to join the movement by taking the pledge to help #endperiodpoverty -- start a conversation about period poverty, host a virtual product drive, donate to the Alliance for Period Supplies or a local program, or do one of many other things, from right at home.

How will you help #endperiodpoverty?


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