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CLDA Diaper Bank: Service

Fresh Bottoms
Diaper Bank

Our Mission:

We strive to improve the lives of all families in need one diaper at a time! We want to see a day when ALL families in America are able to meet the basic human needs of their children, including access to adequate supply of diapers. We collect and distribute diapers to shelters, food pantries, family service agencies and faith-based groups throughout Philadelphia.


  • 22% of all children under the age of five in the United States live in poverty and one out of every three families struggle to afford diapers.

  • there are NO Federal assistance programs that pay for or provide diapers, not WIC, nor Food Stamps (SNAP).

  • Parents cannot leave their children at daycare without disposable diapers. So, if (you) the parent can't afford diapers, (you) sacrifice going to work or school ... thus a cycle of poverty continues.

  • Some children with disabilities will never outgrow the need for diapers.

  • A family's access to a supply of clean diapers leads to: Elimination of infections; health & happy babies; and their participation in early education programs.

Our Goal:

  • To educate the public locally about the devastating crisis of diaper need.

  • To build local corporate partnerships to supply the Fresh Bottoms Diaper Bank with bulk donations and bulk purchasing of diapers.

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