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Drawing Together


There are many great Family Resource Centers that provide a long list of beneficial services for families and students; however, the CLDA Special Needs Resource Center is unique to its community. Many parents of children with functional access and special educational needs will be excited to visit and partake of the beneficial resources and useful services awaiting their 'touch.'

Assisting parents, caregivers, and guardians with how to be an informed & committed advocate by providing relevant information, resources and workshops is crucial in engaging & building their knowledge & confidence so that they can make a positive impact on their child's growth over their lifespan.

Parent, caregivers, and guardians will be greeted by another parent when they arrive at SNRC. Their seasoned experience, access to current information & processes relating to evaluations and other assessment tools will be a unique and welcome change from other centers. We realize some parents will experience a range of emotions as they approach this concern for their child and our staff responds by listening first and then guiding them through a path for success.

SNRC (Special Needs Resource Center), is ready to welcome parents searching for answers about:

  • the need for evaluations & re-evaluations,

  • the entire IEP process and its advantages, benefits, and consequences,

  • IDEA resources and how to use them,

  • inclusion issues; cultural & diversity issues,

  • Parents' Rights and navigating the special needs 'lingo,' and

  • new & useful technology.

Special Needs Resource Center: Service
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